Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One Down. Again. Wait—Make That Two!

OK, I am back to 1 in a row. It happened with this scramble and story. You can see my stories are branching out into other things besides just food, and besides just three-word sentences.

D F' U L' B' U R2 F U' L' D2 L B U F' D B2 L F2 L U' B2 D' L' D'
VicraisespraisesFlip D
Twist 1 2 3 anti

Time for a new scramble. I wonder if I could get two solves in one day. That would be a first.

By the way, Annie is getting to be quite the pattern master. Not as good as Roark yet of course as he has years of experience, but she is starting. And of course Roriana is quite the budding pattern master too. In fact she is the one who inspired me to show Annie patterns.

F2 D B2 D F2 D2 F' D R' B' D B' D L' R F' U B' L' R U2 B F2 D' L' R' D2 L2 U B'
Flip F and H

How about that? Two scrambles and solves with my eyes closed in one day. 

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