Monday, July 24, 2017

Commutator Solves are Much Faster!

6 minutes 20 seconds. Really less than that because I had to wake the iPhone and tap stop on the clock app. In this solve 2 of the edges started solved. 6 were solved with a couple commutators. And the other 4 with a quick easy double swap. Then 2 of the corners just needed twisted. The others were done with the one-by-one swapper. By the way, I did not mess up on this solve, but since I am not real comfortable with the commutator solves yet I practiced the edges on another cube before doing the whole thing.

F2 D2 L' D2 U' B' D B2 R' U2 F2 D U' B L F2 L D L' R' U2 L' F L' R2 U R2 D B L
Red to frontR2 Di M D R2 Di Mi DSolves A and B
R then Blue up and Orange to frontR U Ri E R Ui Ri EiSolves D and G and R
L2 R2 BM2 U2 M2 U2Bi R2 L2Solves I J K L
Flip I and JTwist C and B
24 Indians-valuelifeeternal

David just solved the white cross with his eyes closed on the bandage kit cube and announced that he was doing so. :D

It has been a cold stormy July 24. I wish I could bring this weather home with me to California! 

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