Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Back to Zero. Back to One. Back to Zero.

I messed up on my attempt to get 3 in a row. At the end I had 2 corners twisted. I think I messed up in the analysis stage. Anyway, I decided to just move on to a new scramble instead of trying and trying to get the solve on the one I messed up on.

Here is my new story. And I solved it on the first try.

F L' D B' R' U2 B U' F' L B' R D2 L' F R' B' R' U2 L
JE1 edge 3-cycle
Twist A and B

I was sitting upstairs with the door open. The kids were having fun downstairs making lots of noise.

I tried another scramble this evening. It seems to me I am still in the learning stages of this method and perhaps I should not worry about how many I get in a row. Just keep learning, honing, and having fun with it. On tonight's edges there was a 3-cycle, then 5 placed one-by-one, then another 3-cycle, then flip two. On the corners there were 4 one-by-one swaps and then twist 3.

On my first attempt I mixed up two letters, and didn't flip the right ones, and twisted the wrong way. It would help if I could tell clockwise from anti-clockwise! I think I will try it again before moving on. On my second try I corrected all of the mistakes of the first attempt, but left out one of the corner swaps. Doh!

[July 27] I'm not so sure about that. I am going to include the scramble and plan here in case I decide to go back to it.

U' L F D2 U R2 U' L' U' F' U L' R2 B' U2 B L' B' L U
Red down Blue front L2 then cycle with R U2 and E2
L2 then cycle with R Di and Ei
Flip O and R
123 anti

Tonight we had yogurt offered with our meal. And there were some left-over beans. David eats plain yogurt. He insisted on mixing beans in with his yogurt. He ate quite a few. I tried it. Not bad. We eat sour cream with refried beans. This wasn't that much different. :D

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