Saturday, June 13, 2015

Curvy Copter Adventure

Yesterday we went to pick up the California grandkids to bring them home for a visit. I packed some puzzles for the car ride one of which was the Curvy Copter. I wanted to see if 11 year old Roark could make any interesting patterns on it. Eventually it ended up under almost 4 year old Rorianna's control and by the time it got back to me it was in a state I don't remember ever seeing before.

By the time Roark was finished trying to get it back to cube shape it was the lumpiest Helicopter Cube I had ever seen. Now I am familiar with jumbling, but whenever I would jumble the cube, I would just use it to scramble petals so that they were out of orbit. Or to unscrambled said petals. It was never shape shifted for long.

I finally got it solved today, but it took a long time and turned out to be a great new adventure. Thanks grandkids. =D

If you are interested my method for the Curvy Copter is to solve the 6 edges, then all the petals in no particular order, then the corners.

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