Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015 Puzzling—Back after a long break

After months away from puzzling I'm back for awhile. Got back into it about 3 weeks ago. It is different this time though than it has ever been in the past.

Instead of feeling compelled to solve every puzzle, or better yet, without notes—
Instead of feeling compelled to take on a new challenge—
Instead of feeling compelled to remember or relearn the best method—

I just pulled out my boxes of puzzles, opened them up, and looked for a nice easy puzzle to solve. I didn't care if it was the best method I had ever come up with or picked up. Just have fun, see what flows. If I wanted to refer back to old notes, fine; if not, fine. If I didn't feel like messing with a certain puzzle at the time for some reason, fine. For example, the Pyramorphinx is the Mefferts brand and is not smooth and fun to play with. The good one I had that was smooth was stolen. So the Pyramorphinx got left in the box. The Fluctuation Angle Cube is just so spikey when scrambled. Don't feel like that now. The Gear Cube Extreme has some crazy long algorithm that I never can remember and just don't want to fuss with right now. Some of the Gear puzzles have bad stickers that I don't want to mess with now. Basically I can't be bothered with anything that has alignment or sticker or bandaging issues right now. Been there done that. Just want some smooth simple fun.

So what have I been enjoying?
Each of the following got at least one solve and I want to solve them again soon.

2x2x2 Cyclone Boys Cube
2x2x2 Hollow Ball
3x3x3 Zanchi 5 Cube
4x4x4 Cyclone Boys Cube
Crazy 4x4x4 II
Crazy 2x3x3 without the freaky move
3x3x1 Scramble
3x3x3 Magic Octahedron
3x3x3 Mixup Cube
Pyraminx Crystal
Pyraminx Trignis
Curvy Kite-ohedron Skewb
Skewb Dodecahedron

I solved the Pyraminx but don't really care if I solve it again for awhile. I enjoyed the Skewb but don't need to solve it again for awhile.

The Curvy Kite-ohedron Skewb (aka Curvy Rhombohedron although the faces are not rhombi) was scrambled in the box and yesterday it was calling out to be solved. It turned out to be fun so I also did the Skewb Dodecahedron (aka Skewb Ultimate). It was fun too. I solved them both much like I solve the Skewb, which is—

two opposite corners
the skew corners
the last 4 corners
3 cycle the centers

With the Skewb variants there are sometimes twisting and flipping that needs to be done too but it just flowed in nicely with the basic solve. I also solved the Skewb Pyraminx (aka Jing's Pyraminx), but don't want to solve it again soon. I don't like the way the stickers feel. So what I'm looking for here are puzzles that are pleasant to solve, pleasant to the touch,

What is next? Square-1 maybe. Or maybe I'll work through the ones in the list above again. Or maybe fiddle with the 2x3x4 Camouflage Cube that I have had a long time and have never solved.

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