Monday, June 15, 2015


I've been on a puzzle kick lately, solving puzzles that have been put away for awhile. Mostly it has been fun easy pleasant to play with puzzles. Anything with peeling stickers or alignment issues have been avoided. Then came the Curvy Copter adventure mentioned a couple days ago. Well I have a nice CT Square-1 that I haven't played with much since getting it last August. No time like the present.

The Square-1 was one of the first puzzles I got after the 3x3x3 years ago and I painstakingly worked out a strategy for solving it. The only help I needed was the parity issue at the end when solving the last edges. I found what I needed at Jaap's site. I've never taken the time and energy to learn my method well enough not to need notes after a prolonged absence. Maybe this time...

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