Monday, November 10, 2014

LG optimus FIRE Contacts

The L34C also goes by optimus FIRE. Since this is an Android phone, that means it syncs easily with my Gmail accounts. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, that meant it gave me 400+ unwanted contacts. As far as I know they can be deleted one at a time off the phone. But I'm thinking that if I synced to Gmail again they would come back. And one at a time is unacceptable. Neither the online tutorial or the manual spelled out how to get rid of the hundreds of unwanted contacts, but somehow, praise the Lord, I figured it out.

Go to Gmail on the computer.
Open the Contacts Manager from the pulldown menu on the left that says Gmail.
Go down the left hand column until you find Other Contacts and click on it.
Click the box at the top of the checkbox column to select all.
Uncheck any you want to keep.
Open the More menu and choose Delete.

Go to the Settings on the phone.
Use Accounts & Sync to sync the phone Contacts with the newly cleaned out Gmail Contacts.

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