Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bandage Cube Kit—Big Block Clock Family including Stonehenge

I solved Big Block Clock once in December 2012 and had a terrible time with it. LINK to blog entry.

Today it was much easier. A little Petrus to get the F2L, and Sune to get the LL edges. Then Triple-EPS to place the LL corners and some creative use of Sune/Mirror Sune to twist 2 corners at a time. It is a bit tricky because of the clock hands but not that hard. Solved 2 or 3 times today.

Unbandaged Big Block Clock v1 was next. At first it seemed easy enough, but I got stuck at the end. After re-tiling the last 4 corners and experimenting a little I realized that it wasn't that hard after all. So I scrambled and solved it a time or two.

Now for Unbandaged Big Block Clock v2. I haven't solved it yet, but it reminds me a bit of budlcuber 04. I don't think they will solve anything the same, but they look similar.


July 21, 2014
v2 done yesterday. Today Stonehenge was made and solved. I'm including it in the Big Block Clock
Family because it is identical to v2 only with the orange blue edge/orange blue white corner replaced by a 2x1x1 block. It was surprisingly easy.

Since v2 looks sort of like budlcuber 04 and Stonehenge is a close kin to v2, I have to add a 2x1x1 to budlcuber 04 and make budlcuber 05.

(Later) Tried it and decided it makes it impossibly difficult. At least it makes it a whole new challenge that I am not up to at this point, so I went on to Bandaged 3+.

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