Friday, July 18, 2014

Bandage Cube Kit—budlcuber 03 & 04

In the last post I meandered my way from the Unbandaged Flying Carpets to budlcuber 02 with a quick mention of budlcuber 01, which was very similar to budlcuber 02. budlcuber 03 continues the series by adding the remainder of the edges. In my opinion it is not much more difficult than 02.

Here it is—budlcuber 03


And here is budlcuber 04—


I found this fully tiled version to be extremely challenging and so far have only solved it once. Had to come up with a brand new sequence to orient two corners at the end and then restore the edges that moved. I have this niggling feeling that there is probably an easier way.

Recap of versions
budlcuber 01—A green, orange, white frame, and a red, blue, yellow frame
budlcuber 02—Fill the blue, yellow, red frame with a 3x1x1 block
budlcuber 03—Add all the missing edges
budlcuber 04—Add all the missing corners

Green Front; Red Up—R FiLF2 RiDR B2 Orange Front; Yellow Up— From solved to working state

R2 Green Front; Red Up RiDiR F2LiF Ri— From working state to solved state

R2 U2 R U2 R2— FR > UR > BR > UL

(U2 Li U2 L) x 3— 12487

(U2 Li U2 L) x 5— FL > UL > UR

RiFR Ui RiFiR— Flip UL and UF (and move stuff all around)

(RiFR U RiFiR Ui) x 2— Flips FL UF UR UB

L-Sune U L-antisune ULiUiL (U2 Li U2 L) x 5 LiULU2—Twists 2 clock and 7 anti (no longer use)

L-Sune Ui L-antisune U2 LiUiL U2 (U2 Li U2 L) x 5 U2 LiULUi—1 anti and 2 clock (no longer use)

(L-Sune U2 L-antisune U2) x 2—8 clock and 2 anti (came up with this 8/11)

August 11, 2014
After working through most of Burgo's list, I decided to review my creation and wait until I have time to concentrate before moving on to the Very Hard ones. While doing mine this time I was trying to recall how the long corner twister works. Somewhere along the line I started wondering if there were any simpler Sune-based pure corner twisters that used only 2 sides. Came up with one, and added it above at the bottom of the list of algorithms.

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