Monday, July 21, 2014

Bandage Cube Kit—Recap of Summer Solves So Far

Traffic Jam
So named on rline’s youtube video.
Bandaged 3
Had to get a hint from the forum. Get F2L then use LDL’ to put the vertical post on the bottom. 
Had to get a couple hints from rline’s blog. Edges first. 3x3x2 CPS to solve corners. Bars on L and R.
This one is the easiest one yet for me. Reminds me of the F2L part of the Petrus method.
Right-handed Triple-EPS (RUR’U’) followed by left-handed (F’U’FU) 3-cycles corners on top (on U). 
Edge Road
Simple using the techniques described above.
Corner Road

Belt Road


Stalagmites and Stalactites

Unbandaged Big Block v1
Similar to all the rest of the Big Blockish types so far. i.e. get block then orient edges…
Unbandaged Big Block v2
Orienting edges was tricky but possible.
Unbandaged Big Block v3

Bandaged Clock Mars
Edges First
Bandaged Clock Saturn

3 Bar
Similar to 3x3x2
3 Bar Clock
Edges First; 3x3x2; 1x2 corners first; last 3-cycle tricky—needed setup.
Mr T
Swap of corner-edge pairs needed at end. Never did codify how to do it, but did it. 
Unbandaged Wall-i
Very easy
Got it down to needing to twist two corners but they are not in corners that can be twisted using the sune/mirror dune method. Finally got it! 3-cycle the corners into the correct positions, then twist them, then 3-cycle them back.
Detiled Corners Only Fuse-3
Could get close but not finish it, so finally sat down with a notebook and figured it out.
Fuse-3 minus 5 edges
Used the Corner 4-cycle to hide the edge. It worked.
Fuse-3 minus 4 edges
Worked out a fairly thorough solution and documented it on Puzzled 2.
Worked out a fairly thorough solution and documented it on Puzzled 2.
Bandage Loop
Documented on old blog post.
Unbandaged Flying Carpets
I struggled to get the middle layer, but finally achieved it by trying to organize the 2x1 yellows somewhat. Then when I looked at the yellows all I needed to do was twist 3 corners to have a pattern that pleases me. I have "iii" on one side, and "iö" on the other side. (from PM to Burgo)
budlcuber 01
I made a puzzle and solved it. Then I extended it to budlcuber 02 and am totally baffled.
budlcuber 02
Documented on blog
budlcuber 03
Documented on blog
budlcuber 04
Fully tiled version of 01-03. Documented on the blog.
Big Block Clock
A couple solves. The first one fell together a bit easier, but the second wasn’t all that bad.
Unbandaged Big Block Clock v1
Scrambled, solved down to a tricky 4-cycle, gave up. Approached it from the “analyze what CAN be done” perspective and figured it out. Scrambled and solved.
Unbandaged Big Block Clock v2
This one solves like the others but looks sort of like budlcuber 04. Sort of.
Very similar to Unbandaged Big Block Clock v2 but with a 2x1x1 column under the 2x2x1 roof.
Bandage 3+
When it was down to 2 corners needing twisted with the 2x2x1 on D and 1x1x1 at 3, RU’R’ F’U2F makes it so the Sune/Mirror twister works.


  1. Is there a website that has pictures of all these bandaged puzzles?

    1. Hi Paul, most of them, if not all of them, can be found at There are even more there that I did not solve! Have fun.

    2. Bud, could you add photos to these cubes?

    3. Sorry, but this is from 3 years ago. If I wasn't immersed in other puzzle projects now I might undertake to do so. If you join forum you can see them at

      I included a few pictures in blog posts that summer. If you click the Bandage Cube Kit label in the right hand column it will show all the posts. Scroll through them and see if you see the one you want.

      I still love this kit and although I haven't played with it much since 2014 it came in handy this summer when I was trying to teach my young granddaughter how to start solving the cube.

  2. Thanks for the reply - after searching quite a long time I eventually found that some kind soul had prepared a word doc with pictures of around 80 bandaged puzzles. I thought I was doing quite well solving reasonably hard puzzles such as the bid block clock but now I am totally stuck on stalactites and stalagmites. I solved it a few times but now I seem to have scrambled it in such a way that I can't solve it - any hints on swapping 2 edges only? Thanks!!!!

  3. i played a lot with the kit in the summer of 2014. I don't remember if I did that one enough times to run into that situation. i know I took notes on some of the puzzles but my notebook isn't with me now. The forum above is a good source. If you post the question there you might find someone who remembers. I brought my kit with me so maybe I should put it together and see if I can remember how to solve it.

  4. I don't think you can have 2 edges swapped with all else solved, just like a Rubik's cube can not. So perhaps someone swapped some tiles when your back was turned. A picture would be helpful. Are you on the twisty forum? That would be a great resource for this puzzle. I posted quite a bit there last summer as I worked through many of the bandage puzzles.

  5. You are right - I wasn't left with only 2 edges to swap or flip - I think there were 4 pieces left. Unfortunately I can't send a picture as I bet my son that he couldn't solve it - he used his initiative and took the tiles off and put them back on! I've applied to become a member on the twisty puzzles forum - thanks!