Thursday, June 29, 2017

Utter Failure

My first attempt to solve the whole cube with my eyes closed ended in utter failure. I scrambled a cube. Made another cube look just the same. Studied the cube. Tried to solve it. It was a bit off when I was done. Too far off for me to see what I had done wrong. I tried with the other cube. Except for a few of the corners it was not even close!

I'm wondering if I can come up with a better way. Use commutators to solve the corners? Or maybe I just need to slow down and keep doing it the way I am but open my eyes periodically to check my progress and check mistakes before they become unrecognizable and beyond repair. Perhaps I need a better system of learning the order of pieces. Perhaps I need a better way to hold the cube during the edges solving. Maybe I should just solve a cube by my corners first method a few times to get the feel of it. Maybe I should try solving the corners using commutators...


If Europeans say garden where I say yard, I guess that means I have been gardening, whereas I thought I was doing yardwork. I've been helping Raymond prune back the blackberry vines that have invaded their yard along one fenceline. As I was working I spotted a snail amongst the thorny branches. Amazing.

IMG_2010 - Edited

Annie and Alex's School

We went to a special end of the year thing for Annie. She will be going to a new school next year. This was a graduation ceremony I guess.






Sacramento to LA to Madrid to Vienna

The fam picked us up in Vienna. We spent one night there then loaded up and went to McDonalds for breakfast before we headed home. McDonalds in Vienna has a cute little section called McCafe that looks a lot like a little Starbucks. And they serve fancy coffee in actual mugs. I wonder if any McDonalds in the US are like that?




Yes, I know. This is not in exactly the correct order chronologically. Get over it.