Thursday, June 29, 2017

Utter Failure

My first attempt to solve the whole cube with my eyes closed ended in utter failure. I scrambled a cube. Made another cube look just the same. Studied the cube. Tried to solve it. It was a bit off when I was done. Too far off for me to see what I had done wrong. I tried with the other cube. Except for a few of the corners it was not even close!

I'm wondering if I can come up with a better way. Use commutators to solve the corners? Or maybe I just need to slow down and keep doing it the way I am but open my eyes periodically to check my progress and check mistakes before they become unrecognizable and beyond repair. Perhaps I need a better system of learning the order of pieces. Perhaps I need a better way to hold the cube during the edges solving. Maybe I should just solve a cube by my corners first method a few times to get the feel of it. Maybe I should try solving the corners using commutators...

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