Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fun Times

I brought a Fire, a Flip, and an iPhone with me on this trip. And a new bigger Fire to Raymond. He gave me one of his old ones. I will probably leave it here as I don't really need two, but am enjoying it for now. I have loaded some kid stuff on it that all three children enjoy. This morning Annie had a turn on it then Alex and David were enjoying it together.IMG_2721

The kids have some really cool magnet toys that they can build and design with. I made a wheel this morning. It is a fun toy.IMG_2722



Here they are enjoying music on Grammy's iPad.

During nap time I went out back to see if I could solve the Cube with my eyes closed. This is the view of the yard from the comfy camp chair I was sitting in.

The cube started like this.IMG_2727

And ended like this.IMG_2728

And it was my first attempt on this scramble. It involved the one-by-one swapper on the edges, finishing the edges up with a 3-cycle. Then the one-by-one swapper was used to do all of the corners. I didn't have any trouble remembering the edges, but when I got to the corners my mind went blank. It took a bit of just sitting there with my eyes closed thinking about it to remember how the corners started. Then once I had the first sentence done, I had trouble remembering the second one. But I finally did and it was great to mentally work through it and get it solved on my first try.

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