Thursday, July 20, 2017

David, Daddy and Papa Go Out

We had a nice trip to the mall. One of the stores is Globus, and that is the family name for the whole place.

When we got there I saw some birds in the parking lot that caught my attention. A little research reveal they were Rooks.


First stop, a little car ride. Of all the things David rode, I think this was his favorite.

It definitely had the most to it.IMG_2695

Next stop the little train.IMG_2696


There was a big locomotive in Sparky.IMG_2700



Going into the tunnel of the locomotive.IMG_2704



There was a display in Sparky for Rubik's Cube Brand puzzles, including keychains, 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, Magics, Snakes, and some electronicky thing. There was a QJ Skewb Ultimate there too. Raymond says the cost is around $7. Wow! I doubt I could find a price that good online. I looked a little and this was by far the best price and available here and now. I have one at home and I think it is too complex for the kiddos otherwise I would have jumped at the chance to get it.

IMG_2710Life is like QJ Magic Cube—
Made in China
no no no. Lots but not all.

Life is like QJ Magic Cube—
Choking Hazard!
no no no. That is not what it means.

After Sparky we went back to the train. Notice the guy in the background. He did not look like he was enjoying life at all.IMG_2712

One more ride before dinner.IMG_2713

The juice seemed to be the highlight of the day! He relished every last drop.

And of course the special day out would not have been complete without a new toy.

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