Sunday, July 9, 2017

BLD—Still Learning


I have had two scrambles in the last couple days that had attempted solves that were not even close. It is like I had the cube in the wrong orientation and just spent time scrambling it. Finally I moved on to a new scramble. The one above on the left. The cube on the right shows my first attempt at solving it. During the analysis stage I felt pretty strongly that the solve was not complete but I couldn't figure out what was missing. Maybe I can figure it out now and try the solve again. Maybe it will help me know how to complete the analysis on future scrambles.

One thing I learned on a recent previous solve is that Kevin 1 at the end can be done by flipping the edges at 1 and 3 instead of going through the setup and swap thing twice. I used the idea to flip F and 3 at the end of the edges in this solve and it worked.

Flip FL

Of course! I should have gone Kevin bakes at the end to complete it. I should have known that.

Argh! I don't know why sometimes it ends up all scrambled! I could quit and chalk it up to being one more failure in my life. No! Solve it. Put the scramble back on. Try it again.

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