Friday, July 7, 2017

BLD Lesson of the Day

So, I did a scramble on a couple cubes. I analyzed it and came up with this solution:

David3melons :)

I memorized it and while the kiddos were napping I went out back, got comfy in a lawn chair, closed my eyes and slowly and carefully talked my way through it. When I was finished I opened my eyes and...

No! Two edges were swapped. 1 and 3. And two corners were swapped. A and B. Huh!?! Well, I looked at the solution I had worked out and counted how many swaps there were in the edges part. 13. An odd number. So it made sense that something should be amiss. On the 13th edge swap the corners at spots 2 and 3 swapped. And so when I started solving the corners the piece at corner 3 was A and not B, so when I did Breann I was really putting piece A where piece B should have been.

OK, so I know where I went wrong, but how to fix it? Well, during the analysis part I need to count how many edge swaps there are before I start analyzing the corners. If there are an odd number then I should mentally swap corners 2 and 3 and record how it would work from there. I think the following is what I should have done for the corners. I've yet to actually try it.


July 8, 2017
Did it! Start to finish with my eyes closed and I even had to shush Annie and Alex part way through when they came out and talked to me. Again I talked my way through it. Hopefully the more solves I do the less verbal I will have to be and the quicker they will go. If I could put a scramble on it, analyze it, memorize it, and solve it in less than 20 minutes total I'd be thrilled!

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