Monday, July 27, 2015

F-Skewb Squares

I do not think of this as a Skewb at all. The only thing skewb-like about it to me are the four little corners. They are quick and easy to solve requiring only a twist or two. Maybe 3 or 4. No more. Other than that it remings me of the Face Turning Octahedron. The squares are like the central triangle pieces and the edges are like the edges. So this summer I think when I first solved it I used the same 8-twist commutators that I developed for the FTO. I don't recall if I've ever watched anyone else solve it (rline) or not or run across any other solutions, but the last few days at least I've figured out that The Move can be used to get the squares, which is easier than the 8-twist sequence. Now that I think about it, I think rline did introduce me to this concept only on the Master Skewb. I no longer have the Master Skewb. It was stolen. And I no longer play with the FTO because the stickers are so rough.

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