Monday, July 20, 2015

Český Krumlov

We went to the castle yesterday. We had been at least twice last year—this year was the best yet, except I forgot to enjoy the cliff face from below yesterday! I can't believe it!

This year we started at the top—the castle gardens. We hadn't been there at all in 2014.
(Below) it amazes me how they built the castle around the rock.
(Below) the kiddos seemed to enjoy looking at the river and the boats from the lookout up above. I zoomed in to see what the boaters were doing. Apparently they stopped to take pictures of one another.
(Below) the Bears are always a treat.

(Below) and of course trdelník is always a treat too! This time we ate it at Zapa Cafe, where we ordered drinks, and let the kiddos play in the playground. David had a ball.
(Below) Most of the time the streets were filled with people walking, but sometimes we had to yield to a car or truck.

(Below) Raymond and I enjoyed a made-in-the-USA Dr. Pepper he found in this little store. Each of the children got to ride in the stroller at some point.
(Below) On the way home we stopped for lunch. It was great! I had fried cheese. Lunch cost less than the local McDonald's and was a beautiful, peaceful, quiet restaurant.

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