Saturday, December 1, 2012

CubeTwist All-in-One Bandage Kit—Bandaged Loop

Bandaged Loop is another one of Burgo's designs that he shared on the twistypuzzles forum. Whereas some of these bandaged configurations have forced me to figure out how to cycle and flip things with only two faces, this one has forced me to go back to some unused and almost forgotten algorithms that cycle and flip edges using M and U only.

July 14, 2014
I've been working my way through Burgo's list of Bandage cubes and finally got to this one. I've only solved it once so far today, and want to solve it more, but to finish up the solve, I had to flip two edges. Couldn't remember how to do it. So I started digging through my Twisty Puzzles folder and found the answer in a Pages document called Rubik's Cube Methods, under the page on the Corners First Method.

( (M' U') x 2 M' (Dd)2 ) x 2

M' = M up
Dd = bottom two layers

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