Saturday, December 1, 2012

CubeTwist All-in-One Bandage Kit—Wall-i

Unbandaged Wall-i was so easy! Move all the little cubies to one layer, then use Sune, a corner 3-cycle, and the Sune corner twister. Although Burgo claimed that Wall-i was also easy, in the forum mentioned in previous posts, I find it quite challenging. Having solved it but only a couple times however, I'm ready to move on. If ever I want to try it again, and it once again has me baffled, and I happen to look here for help... Get the orange and red 2x1 pieces lined up opposite one another, and the 2x1 green and blue in the same layer as the other 2x1 pieces. This puts all the little pieces in one layer. Solve the little edges, then solve the little corners relative to their 2x1x1 blocks, then move everything into place. This is so sketchy that if I need help, it probably won't be much, but at least it points me in the right direction. :D

Revisit: July 8, 2014

Once again Unbandaged Wall-i was extremely easy, and Wall-i quite challenging. The issue with Wall-i is when the last two corners need to be oriented and they are situated on opposite sides of the white 2x1 tile instead of along one side or the other. When they are situated on one side, then the Sune/Mirror Sune or Antisune/Mirror Antisune corner twister can be used.

Algorithms that can be used with Wall-i:

Column EPS to move and flip columns.
RL U2 R'L' to swap opposite columns.

LL Edge Flipper to flip LL edges.
Sune to permute LL edges.

Triple EPS to double swap little corners.
332 CPS to 3-cycle little corners.

A Strategy:

Get all the little edges and corners on top.
Get all the 2x1 blues and greens or reds and oranges together.
Orient and permute the white edges.
Move the little corners above their corner-edge 2x1x1 blocks.
Orient the little corners.
Move the 4 corner columns to their proper places.

The Problem:

The Solution to the Problem:

Move one of the twisted corners to the other side of the 2x1 tile so the Sune/Mirror Sune algorithm can be used, then move them back.

Setup: Blue up/yellow front; U2
3-cycle: (U' R2 U L2) x 2
Undo setup: U2; White up/blue back
Twist Corners: Rt antisune / Lt antisune
Setup: Blue up/yellow front; U2
Undo 3-cycle: (L2 U' R2 U) x 2
Undo setup: U2; White up/blue front

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