Thursday, November 8, 2012

mf8 2x3x4 Fully Functional Unbandaged

This little puzzle has been much more challenging that anticipated. After some careful experimentation and documentation, I was able to solve it consistently, but did not have a fully developed strategy in place. Instead of patiently working with it longer, I got curious about how others were approaching it, so went to rline's tutorial and the forum. rline has some great ideas about reducing the corners, and Konrad has a way to 3-cycle corners! Now my task is to create a page that documents my initial strategy, and also documents my final strategy. The only problem at this point is that I did not, nor do not, have either one. If only I had had another week off from work... :)


  1. But where can I find a solution (WITH algorithms) for the 2x3x4 UN-bandaged cube? The ones I found on YouTube r just too confusing. I know the 3x3, 2x3x3, and the 4x4 but I just can't figure out how to blend some of their algs to fit the 2x3x4. I'd like to try to solve it 1st in its cube state. And then move up to the scramble. HELP. HELP. Oh and I'm fairly new to cubing but still loving it. Mahalo.

  2. My Solution after implementing ideas gleaned from chareaves (rline) and Konrad and interacting with Burgo on the forum

    1. Fiddle around with it until it is back to cuboid shape. Reduce the middle layer to 4 2x1 blocks.
    2. Mess around reducing corners. If it gets down to a 3-cycle, just do it. Or if it gets down to 4 corners diagonally opposite every which way, then the 3 cycle a couple times will do it. The 3-cycle. Hold a 2x4 face on U and a 2x3 face on F. To cycle URF to DRB to DLF do (U L2 U' R2) x 2 (R2 F2) (U L2 U' R2) x 2 (F2 R2). To cycle ULF to DLB to DRF do (U' R2 U L2) x 2 (L2 F2) (U' R2 U L2) x 2 (F2 L2). Sometimes setup moves are required to get the three pieces ready for the 3-cycle. (U L2 U' R2) x 2 is simply my 3x3x2 Corner Piece Series. 
    3. Solve the middle layer.
    4. Get all the yellows to the top. At this point it doesn't matter if cuboid shape is lost. Neither should you worry about if they are actually solved. You just want all the yellows up and the whites down, or whatever your top and bottom colors are. Just don't mess up the middle layer.
    5. Use the Corners First 2 pairs algorithm to finish the solve.

    I think the last time I played with this one I did not refer to the above notes and came up with a slightly different method, but the 3-cycle algorithm was certainly involved.

    I don't always like the methods other people produce, but you are sure to find some ideas at Twisty Puzzling's youtube channel, or at forum.