Monday, November 5, 2012

Faith Comes By Hearing

Long ago and far away in a land populated with street lights and police helicopters, lived two men named Jim and Bud. Their wives met working together and became friends. Jim and Bud became friends too and enjoyed relaxing on the weekends with Frisbees, racquet balls, and decks of cards. Eventually Bud left the land of street lights and police helicopters, and after a few years the two friends never saw one another at all. All this happening in the time before Facebook and email, they lost touch, and went their separate ways. Oh, of course they could have called or written, but they didn't. Well, Jim called once and tried to set up a visit, but Bud had some lame reason not to get together. Eventually though, many years later, they did get together a few times. It was good. No Frisbee, no racquet balls, no cards. Just stories and catching up. Well, the last Bud knew Jim was working with an organization called Faith Comes By Hearing, whose mission is to make audio Bibles available to people all over the world.

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