Monday, July 3, 2017

BLD Progress But Not There Yet

B clockwise
Edfeeds onapples

This is the bit I worked out and tried to remember. After each piece I would look to see if it was right. I did apples instead of cooking and had to backtrack and correct, but then I didn't mess up after that.

I continue to fine tune the word lists I use to make it easy to memorize what goes where. I am not sure I will ever be able to memorize the whole cube. I'm not ready to quit trying yet though.

Yesterday we went to Oksana & Jirka's house for a visit. It was great. We mostly sat around eating, drinking, and talking.


IMG_2026 We also did some cubing. At one point I solved the edges eyes open then solved the corners under the table. That is, without looking.

I think I've only successfully solved all the edges without looking one time. I should solve the corners then try to solve all the edges again.