Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Nice Neighborhood to Walk Around

The other day when Annie and Alex were at school, Marae, Breann, David and I took a walk in the neighborhood.

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BLD Edges

Big accomplishment on my way to solving the whole cube with my eyes closed. I just did all 12 edges with my eyes closed from start to finish. How did I do it? Fred Enjoys Oranges. 2 Uses Rags. Vic 1 Golf In 4. Flip DB and RB. Each initial stands for a spot on the cube. ABCD are names for the four top edge faces. EFGH for the edge faces of the left side. IJKL for the edge faces of the front. OPQR for the right. UVWX for the back. 1234 for the bottom. This is the first time I have succeeded in solving all the edges. I've done corners multiple times. Now I guess I should try to do the whole cube. If I can do the whole cube I guess I will time myself just to see how long it takes. I am not into speed solving, but it would be nice to know.

The View From My Bedroom Window Summer 2017

IMG_1980 - Edited

Marae and I are staying in Annie's room this summer and she gets to be in the boys' room for the summer. The accommodations this summer far surpass the ones at the first place Raymond and family lived here. We are so far north that in the summer it starts getting light in the middle of the night. No kidding. But the sun didn't actually rise until about a quarter after 5.

Another great thing about this place is the yard, uh, I mean garden, the kiddos have to run and play in.
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Grammy the washer woman bringing clothes in from the clothesline. :D
IMG_1987 - Edited

A closeup of my wonderful wife at the table.IMG_1991 - Edited

And Alex.

European Magpie

We were hanging out in the backyard at the Lengtats' house in CZ and saw some magpies. One landed in a tree on the fenceline. I didn't have a real clear shot at it but you can see the glaring difference between European magpies and the Yellow-billed Magpie of California.

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IMG_1977 - Edited

I've also seen some sparrows and some blackbirds and some crows. There are a few others but I have no idea what they are. Maybe I will be able to get some pictures and identify them somehow.