Saturday, September 9, 2017

Puzzle Shopping Adventure #2

In the Spring I stumbled across cubes with Carbon Fiber stickers online and bought a cube, a skewb, and a pyraminx. I really like the black stickers on the colored plastic. And they are nice quality puzzles too. Well, the cube did have two issues. I have trouble distinguishing between yellow and white in some light, and it made a spring noise on the red side. I ended up removing the red cap and screw so I could lube the spring. It helped a lot. Last Spring I was doing puzzle shopping on Amazon.

At SpeedCubeShop this Summer I noticed a Z Colorful Carbon Fiber cube that has colorful stickers on black plastic. I thought maybe the colors would be better in dim light, but I was apprehensive about taking it apart to lube it. So the good news is that SpeedCubeShop offers a Professional Setup Service for $4.95 that I was assured by Cameron Brown, the owner of the shop, would eliminate all spring noises. But then the puzzles were sold out! Good news though. They got more and I snatched one up right away. I got it, a bright yellow QiYi Mirror Blocks Cube, and a SCS puzzle bag. There was a Labor Day discount and free shipping. But when it arrived, I'm afraid they hadn't done the Setup Service on it at all. Three springs were noisy, there is no trace of lube in it, and one of the screws was not screwed in as far as the others.

I emailed them. Cameron emailed back to apologize and offered to pay for me to return it so they could make it right. Or, he said I could have some of their lube for free and lube it myself. After my response he even offered to refund the setup cost. Whatever I wanted. I decided what I wanted was a Sticker Remover Kit that costs the same as the Setup did. He said they could do that. And that takes me to Puzzle Shopping Adventure #1...

But what did I do about the noisy springs? I popped out an edge and two corners then took off the three center caps of the bad springs, removed the springs and lubed them real good. I lubed the other screws without taking them out. There is still some spring noise but not nearly as often and not as bad. I wonder if the springs are even necessary...

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