Thursday, September 14, 2017

2x2x2 Algorithms

1. Bottom Layer
Color neutral
Not the layer—just the bottom
2. OLL
L2 U2 L U2 L2
F (R U Ri Ui) x 2 Fi
R U Ri U R U2 Ri
Li Ui L Ui Li U2 L
F (R U Ri Ui) Fi
(R U Ri Ui) (Ri F R Fi)
Fi (R U Ri Ui) (Ri F R)

3. PBL
0R2 B2 R2
1(R Ui R) F2 (Ri U Ri) [Top Front]
2R2 Ui B2 U2 R2 Ui R2 [Front]
(R2 Ui B2 U2 R2 Ui R2) U2 (R2 Ui B2 U2 R2 Ui R2)
or (F R Ui) (Ri Ui R U) (Ri Fi) (R U Ri Ui) (Ri F R Fi)
5[Top Front]
(R' U R U') R2 (F' U' F U) (R F R' F') R2 U'
or [Top Left]
(R U Ri Ui) (Ri F R2 Ui) (Ri Ui R U) (Ri Fi)

I am learning to solve the 2x2x2 faster and smoother. Why? Because Josiah got a 2x2x2 for his birthday and he is into speed.

The method I am learning is Ortega. Not the fastest, but potentially very fast indeed. And of course, I have deviated a bit from the Ortega method because I already know an F Perm algorithm, so why learn the T Perm? Although it would probably be good for Josiah to learn it for later use on the 3x3x3. And when there are 4 matches I can use the 2 match algorithm twice instead of learning the Y Perm. Again it would probably be better for Josiah to learn the Y Perm.

I might just mention that the Ortega Method for the 3x3x3 is simply a Corners First Method. So I can incorporate and practice what I am learning when solving a 3x3x3 corners first.

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