Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yes! First Try Start to Finish Eyes Closed M2 D2 F Perm

Look at how much jumping back and forth there was on this one.

U' F' U' L' B' R2 U' F' D F' R F2 U' F2 L' D' F2 D' L D'
PaulUsesF Perm
CarlKnows xF Perm
HenryServesF Perm
IBelieveElohim is1CreatorGodD2

Just like I did at Raymond's when I was first solving using only the F Perm, this time I narrated out loud what I was doing. Setup, swap, put it back, set up, swap, put it back,... I think it helped keep me on track and focused.

Got another one in today this evening. I didn't do the out loud thing, but took it slow and easy.
R B2 R' B' U L' F R D L U2 F2 L2 F' D L2 D F' D R2

Henry Uses: F Perm
4 Yams: M2
1 Squash: F Perm
Bud Rejoices In Elohim: M2

Jesus Understands: D2
Alex Serves 4 Doughnuts: F Perm
1 Person: D2

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