Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

Usually after a victory I crash and burn. This time the defeat was not crash and burn style. What am I saying??? I had done two solves in a row without notes. I was going for #3. Sometimes the sentences fall together nicely with at least one pretty long one which is easy to remember. Not this time. I had lots of short ones. It took me 18 minutes to study the cube. I was hesitant but thought maybe I was ready. So I closed my eyes and went for it. 13 minutes later I opened them. The good news is that all the edges are solved. And half the corners are solved. But P and R need to swap. And L and W need to swap. I wonder if I can figure it out.

Joe 2 Alex
Lenny pushed him
twist I anti

I think that is what I did. Let's look at the scrambled state. It wasn't Lenny. It was 1. 1 pushed him is what it should have been. But why was there a double swap needed at the end? Why not just extra twisted corners? After doing Joe 2 Alex Lenny pushed him twist 1 anti sure enough L and P are twisted. Nothing is swapped. So I'm not sure what else I did wrong during the actual solve.

In case I ever decide to go back and try again, here is the scramble.

F U2 F2 D' B' F R2 B' D' B' L' U B2 F U B2 L2 F2 R2 B' F L' R F D' F D2 L2 D' F'

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