Monday, August 7, 2017

Still Learning. Still Messing Up

B' D F' L' F2 L B' L U' R F' D2 L2 D' B2 R2 F2 R2 B D2 R' F' R F' U'
I tried again to do it without making notes. When I was finished there were two flipped edges and two twisted corners.

The edge was part of a 3-cycle. I need to quit doing 3-cycles and just stick to The Swapper.

The corners were due to a messup in analysis. There were an odd number of swaps. When I did K I used the down side of the corner instead of the side that would end up being where K was.

D2 B' U2 R' F2 D2 L' D2 L2 U2 R' D B L' F2 U' F R D' B' L F' L' F R'
The above must have been done in the wee hours of the morning on the 7th. Today I did another scramble, made some sentences and learned them as I made them, then proceeded right to the solve. First attempt I had 2 flipped edges. I looked at the other cube with the same scramble on it and double-checked the sentence that involved the flipped edge. Sure enough, I just messed up making up the sentence. I sent a piece to B instead of to O, resulting in the flip. So I tried again on that cube and got it right.

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