Friday, August 11, 2017

Lidbeck Fun

I met Brandy and Josiah yesterday. They came to school to meet me and see my puzzle collection. One of the puzzles totally baffled me. The Witeden Super 3x3x3. It has circles on the white and yellow sides. Those sides will not turn if a complete circle is not present. I tried solving it today. Got close but not quite there. So I looked up my old notes. I've solved it several times now but it is still an adventure every time.

Josiah is almost 7 years old and has been cubing only a few weeks, but can solve the cube faster than I can. He wants to get faster so I am going to try to help him. While I am at it I will try to learn some speed solving techniques too, starting with the White Cross.

The puzzle in my collection that Josiah was most interested in is the Bump cube that I have stickered so that it can be solved by colors too. And the way I did it when you solve it by colors there is a silver cross on the orange side.

Brandy and I have been emailing about cube stuff a lot. She pointed me in the direction of It looks good. Next time I want to shop around I just might check there first.

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