Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Three Easy Solves. All In My Head.

I put the scramble on four cubes determined to do it without notes. If I failed on the first I'd go right to the second. This one was easy though. If they were all this easy I would consider going for 2 scrambles on 2 cubes consecutively. Close my eyes, solve one, put it down, solve the next, then open my eyes.

Today's solve used
Steve Picked 1 Cake And Ice cream
for the corners. One corner was solved to start with.
Then for the edges
Dan Ate Only Large Helpings Proclaimed Joe Vehemently
followed by a 3-cycle and a flip of two edges. The 3-cycle was simple and the flipped edges were both on front. Easy peasy.

The scramble: checkerboard then U L2 D' R B' L F' D2 F2 D L' D' L' D2 R F2 D' R2 B U

And another. All in my head.
B2 D F U2 L F L' U L' F' L R2 D F R F D' U' B F D B L2 R' U' B2 U2 F' D2 L2

2 B Forgiven AHA
twist 3 corners
Then edges
King Fred Got Very Proud In Every Open Revolt LAP

It doesn't have to make sense. It just has to be memorable. :)

The third solve:

4 Every Free Offer U 1 2 did the corners. Pretty easy.
O R 1 A Pretty Face? Just 4 Vic Ethan. Then flip I and 3.

Is this the first time I've done 3 solves in a row without messing up? Maybe. For sure without notes.

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