Friday, August 4, 2017

All In My Head and Backtracking Too!

Yesterday Marae and I went to Grass Valley. I put a scramble on a cube and made up a story for the edges and on my second attempt solved them. The amazing—amazing for me—thing was that I did not enter the story in my Sheet, or jot down notes at all. Then I made a story for the corners and solved them. Again it was all in my head. Then I forgot about it. I was pretty wiped out yesterday afternoon from the heat and the trip home from CZ. Well... I woke up around midnight and put the scramble back on the cube. I remembered the edge story, recreated the corner story, and solved the whole cube with my eyes closed and all in my head! 

Now for the crazy part. On the corners after doing 3 corners it hit me that I had started with the wrong corner. I should have done JBW, but I had done VBW, which would just scramble them more, so to fix it I did WBV and started over with J. It worked!

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