Sunday, July 16, 2017

Commutators Rock

R2 D' B D B2 D' R2 B U2 B R B' R' B' R2 F' L B R' D2 B' U' F' R2 B'
D then roll red to top. 3-cycle L U2 D
Papa likes 4 cookies
Roll Yellow to front and do an edge 3-cycle of Vic juices beans
Twist S clockFlip B

This one was able to be done with a mix of a commutator along with the one-by-one swapper on both the corners and the edges! On my first attempt I did not include the final twist and flip but otherwise was good. On my second attempt I got it.

I am learning more about mastering 3-cycles. I like.

BLD goals? Be able to solve a scramble on my first try again. Be able to solve on my first try twice in a row. And an ultimate, down-the-line goal is to be able to do it without the spreadsheet—just all in my head.

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