Saturday, July 29, 2017

Perhaps I Should Reconsider

Yesterday I came up with a commutator heavy solution for a new scramble. I tried to pull it off tonight without having a clear plan for how to do the edge commutators. Bad idea. I either need to plan the commutators out better, or stick with the Swapper technique.

One thing I did today was to think about the setup moves I use for corners.

The numbers signify how many moves it is to get to 2. The colors show sides and which spot is being used to set it up. F, I, O, or V.

Here is what I tried to do.

B U' B L' D' B L D' R U L U' F2 U R' U B2 U R' F'
Flip F and H
cycle G F 3Carl cyclesgoodfor3 but
cycle O R VOscarreallyvacuums
Li D L Ui ...A to B to 3
2 w s
I think I will convert it to using less commutators and try again.

July 30, 2017
This morning I translated it to no commutators and plan to try this.


Maybe when I get really good at this I will decide I don't want to move on to using commutators. Maybe I will feel like trying them when I am back to my quiet peaceful lifestyle. We'll see. Maybe I should get really good at BLD solving with no commutators, then make a walk-through / tutorial video, then think about incorporating commutators.

Later on July 30, 2017
I got it using my carbon fiber cube and Raymond says I did it in around 7 minutes. That is about half the time I usually take. At least the few times I timed it.

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