Monday, July 31, 2017

L' F2 L D' B U' R F' L' F2 R U' R2 B' L2 U' L' U' L U' F' R' D' B' R' U2
Oscardidn't alwayscycle 13 grapes
U F' R' F2 L' D R D B2 U' L2 F' D L' F' U' L D' L F L' U2 B D F
PRO clock

No. I did not attempt to solve two cubes with my eyes closed. Maybe someday, but not soon. Annie wanted to do a scramble and story with me after nap time but I didn't want to wait so had two going at once, but then she went shopping and I ended up doing both stories anyway. I don't think I solved the second one start to finish. I forgot corner 2, so when I opened my eyes I was one swap short of a complete solve.

The top one was one I tried earlier with a more complicated story and never got. This morning I nailed it. Sometimes commutators make it quicker and easier, like today. Sometimes I get really confused. I guess I should just use them when they are straightforward without any complicated setup moves.

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