Wednesday, July 5, 2017

BLD Adventure and Scrambler

Yesterday we went to the zoo. Before we went I scrambled a cube, analyzed it, made another cube look like it. I took one to the zoo. On the way to and from I tried to solve the edges. Messed up. I forgot the order.

This morning I reviewed the notes for the edges and tried again on the other cube with the same scramble. Actually I started by just looking at the notes for the edges. Then I went out to the garden, sat down, closed my eyes and did the edges. When I was finished there were two that needed flipped. Oh yeah, I remember that from yesterday.

So then I reviewed the notes for the corners and closed my eyes and finished the edges then did all the corners. That means it just took two looks at the notes to get it. Once at the beginning and once after the edges. I want to solve the edges without looking several times then add maybe 3 corners and do that several times. I wonder if I do better with eyes closed than I do just not looking.

I also wonder if it would be good to find a scramble generator so I could more easily scramble two or three cubes the same. Yep. Here is a LINK and a widget.


Have I mentioned how fun it is to see 2-year old David "solve" a cube? He starts with a solved cube, puts a couple twists on it, then solves it. Then he joyously announces his accomplishment! Precious.

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