Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Skewb Adventure

Originally posted on May 9, 2017 on BudLCuber Google site.

Roark and Roriana were here for the weekend. They seemed to have a lot of fun with Legos and watching movies and a little puzzling. Roark and I discussed different methods of solving the Cube and we took another look at the Skewb. I showed him again the method that utilizes ABC a lot. But then I got to thinking. He knows how to do a 3-cycle on the cube. Using a 3-cycle on the Skewb makes it a much easier solve in my opinion. So I showed him how to solve the Skewb using my original method. He liked it. When I was putting puzzles away today I wondered if my old method was good for the other Skewbs. I tried it on the Skewb Ultimate. Yep. I tried it on the Kite-o-hedron. Yep.

It was fun figuring out how to solve a Skewb using only ABC with no 3-cycle, but in the end, the method with the 3-cycle is far better for me.

My season of exploring different puzzles is over for a while. I put everything away except my 3 3x3x3 cubes and the Skewb. I have a lot of weed eating to do this spring, and am keeping up with Yahtzee with Buddies. This is also the year of the Bible Project videos.

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