Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer 2015 Twisty Puzzle Progress

2x2x2 Cyclone Boys Cube
2x2x2 Hollow Ball
3x3x3 Zanchi 5 Cube
4x4x4 Cyclone Boys Cube
Crazy 4x4x4 II

Crazy 2x3x3 without the freaky move
3x3x1 Scramble
3x3x3 Magic Octahedron

3x3x3 Mixup Cube
Pyraminx Crystal
Pyraminx Trignis

Curvy Kite-ohedron Skewb (Curvy Rhombohedron)
Skewb Dodecahedron (Skewb Ultimate)
Skewb Tetrahedron (Jing's Pyraminx)
Curvy Copter with jumbling

3x3x3 Circle Cube
3x3x3 Crazy Jupiter
3x3x3 Crazy2face B4 Jupiter

Gear Dodecahedron
Gear Mastermorphix
Dayan Gem V
Saturn Pentahedron

Playing at the Old Park

.Kiddos running, I am sitting at an elevated triangular picnic table in the shade with a nice breeze blowing. Ahhh, this is the good life. Thank You Jesus.

On the way here Annie found a snail shell. She called it a "schnek"—at least that is what it sounded like to me. Then we saw some kind of bird in a tree. I think it is some sort of jay. Similar but different from the jays at home.

One more 3-cycle and the puzzle is solved.

We saw an interesting bird while sitting at the table. It looked like a blackbird but hopped around like a robin. 

On the way home we saw lots of little bugs crawling around. 

Both coming and going we were greeted by friendly people in the neighborhood.

Earlier... When Annie saw this puzzle below she informed me it wasn't solved yet and showed me the two pairs of edges that needed swapped. I told her I could swap them both with one twist, and then did so. She wasn't impressed. She pointed out that now the corners were messed up. :)

Eventually I got it down to one 3-cycle (pictured above) and then solved it. Then she was impressed. :)