Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ability, Knowledge, Understanding

Ability. I have the ability to scramble and solve this puzzle. But how well do I know what I know? Do I understand this puzzle?

I know that it can be scrambled and solved as if it is a 2x2x2 if you only do twists on the central axes. I've done this several times.

I used to have a 2x2x4 Tower. This puzzle can be scrambled and solved like a 2x2x4. It is much simpler than the 2x3x4. 

Wait a minute! What if I reduce the fully scrambled 2x3x4 to a 2x2x4? It would only involve pairing up 4 corners with 4 edges, so reduction wouldn't be as tedious and troublesome as I normally find it, yet it would greatly simplify the solve.

1. Pair up the Orange White Blue corner with the White Blue edge. The Orange White Green corner with the White Green edge. The Orange Yellow Blue corner with the Yellow Blue edge. The Orange Yellow Green corner with the Yellow Green edge.

2. Solve the corners using only 2x2x2 twists.

3. Solve the middle layer edges using the 3x3x2 Corner Commutator.

4. If necessary solve the centers.

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