Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Puzzles from

Awhile back our house was broken into and around 40 of my around 80 puzzles were stolen. During the summer I replaced the CT Bandage Kit and got tons of use out of it as indicated by previous blog posts. After we got back from our summer trip, I ordered 8 puzzles from Some are to replace stolen ones, some are new to me. Here is what I got.

  • Lanlan Curvy Copter replaces the Curvy Copter and Helicopter Cubes that were stolen.
  • CT Square-1 replaces the Square-1 that got stolen and the irritating Super Square-1 that I wish had. It is just the alignment thing with the stupid circle part. Now that I have a nice Square-1 perhaps I'll play with it enough to no longer need the notes I made way back when I first figured it out.
  • Cyclone Boys 2x2 Cube and 4x4 Cube. These are colored plastic cubes, which I like a lot, and they seem to work well.
  • DianSheng Crazy 3x3x2 replaces the 3x3x2 and Crazy 3x3x2 that were stolen. This one does not turn very well. Perhaps with some lubrication it will work better.
  • Dino Skewb or F-Skewb is new to me but I think it is sort of like the Master Skewb that was stolen only simpler.
  • QJ Fourleaf Clover Hollow Ball appears to be a very nice 2x2x2 puzzle. I hope Annie likes it.
  • 2x3x4 Camoflage Cube is brand new to me. I've never had any of these before, or anything like it that I know of. Should be fun.