Sunday, August 17, 2014

CT Square-1

I have so enjoyed the Cubetwist Bandage Kit this summer that I decided to get a CT Square-1. Earlier in the summer I played around with the Super Square-1 enough to work out another "map" to getting back to cube shape, but the Super Square-1 is such a pain to align that it is not at all fun to play with, and if puzzling isn't fun, then what is the point? Yesterday I scrambled and solved the CT Square-1 several times and it is fun to play with.

In The Land of 52 there are several paths that you can run across.

If you come to 12 [121212] go to 32 [3212/3212].
If you come to 22, 24, or 36 go to 44 [44/44].

If you come to 23 go to 21 or 25. [52/2313 can go to either 52/2115 or 52/2511 in one twist.]
If you come to 21 or 25 go to 2H/44.

If you come to 14 [141111] go to 33 [3311/3113].
If you come to 13 go to House/33, then go to 2H/2T.

Once at 32 or 44, go to 2T/2B.
From all others, go to LH/RH.

Go to 2H/2H, and from there to Cube.

The above is not supposed to mean anything to anyone except me. If you can figure out what I am talking about, you have probably figured out how to solve the Square-1 without my help! :D

OK, if someone does run across this and cares, here you go. 52 means you have 5 adjacent big slices and 2 small slices on one side. 2313 means you have 2 bigs 3 littles 1 big 3 littles as you look clockwise and start with the most bigs. 21 means you have 2 bigs 1 little at least 1 big and who knows what. 2H means 2 Halves of a square that don't make a square, which according to my numerical scheme is 211211. 2T means the top half of 2H. 2B means the bottom half of 2H. LH means Left House, which according to my numerical scheme is 211112. Similarly RH is Right House and is 221111.

When I first started analyzing the Square-1 I was naming things according to the way it looked, but the deeper I got the more difficult it got to come up with unique descriptive names that I could remember, thus the numbering system.

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