Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bandage Cube Kit—Double Block Clock

The Sune Thing (TST)
Green on Right; Yellow Up
R U Ri U R U2 Ri (DE)2 Ui L Ui Li y2

Everything else is done with Green Up; Yellow on Right

Corner Twisters (edit 8/12/14 below: a better way found)
2, 3, 6, 7 anti; 8 clock
(TST)—R (R U Ri Ui) Ri—(R U Ri Ui)x3

2, 8 clock; 3,7 anti
(TST)x2—R (U R Ui Ri) Ri—(R U Ri Ui)x3—R (R U Ri Ui)x3 Ri—(R U Ri Ui)x3

2, 7 clock; 6,8 anti
(TST)x3—(R U Ri Ui)x3—R (R U Ri Ui)x3 Ri—(R U Ri Ui)x3—R (U R Ui Ri)x3 Ri

2, 3 anti; 6, 8 clock
(TST)x4—R (R U Ri Ui)x4 Ri—(R U Ri Ui)x3—R (R U Ri Ui)x3 Ri

2, 3, 6 anti

3 anti; 6 clock

2 anti; 6 clock
CT#3—R (R U Ri Ui) Ri—CT#2—R (U R Ui Ri) Ri

3, 7 clock; 6, 8 anti

So far I've solved it once. I forget now which CT I used at the end. I'd like to do multiple solves and keep track.

August 4, 2014
It is really pretty simple to solve all the edges, even if they need flipped. Permuting the corners hasn't been a problem either. It is orienting the corners that can be difficult. Got down to needing to twist 2 and 8. Twisted 2 and 6, then swapped 28 and 36, then twisted 2, 3, and 6. I finally ended up needing to twist 2 and 6, which I could do. Something like that.

August 12, 2014
In spite of what I said on the 4th of the month, I was not able to flip edges today when I tried to solve Double Block Clock, until I looked at the flipper for Double Block. Here is how it plays out for DBC:

Flipping Edges—R (U2 L F Li U2) Ri (U2 L F Li U2) (U R2 Ui R2) flips UB and UR and double swaps some corners.

Twisting Corners—Doing the Edge Flipper twice twists 2 anti and 3, 6, 7, and 8 clock.

Twisting 2 anti and 3 clock the easy way—((R Ui Li B L U Ri) (R U Ri Ui)) x 2 (R U Ri Ui) x 3

August 14, 2014
Although I found an easier way to twist corners 2 and 3 a couple days ago, it still isn't so easy to access all the corners that may need twisting. So I kept experimenting along the same lines—

Twisting 2 clock and 3 anti—((R Ui Li Bi L U Ri) (U R Ui Ri)) x 2 (U R Ui Ri) x 3

Twisting 3 anti and 6 clock—(R2 Ui Li B L U2 Ri Ui Ri) x 2 R (R U Ri Ui) x 3 Ri

Twisting 2 clock and 8 anti—(R2 Ui Li Bi L U2 Ri Ui R U Ri Ui Ri) x 2 R (R U Ri Ui) x 3 Ri

It is a simple thing to swap 2 with 3 and 7 with 8, so it would be a simple setup to twist 3 and 7.

It is a simple thing to swap 3 with 6 and 2 with 8, so it would be a simple setup to twist 6 and 8.

This covers 5 of the 10 pairs of corners that may need twisting. But of course each of these twists a pair in opposite directions. I'm thinking that in combination with the Edge Flipper Corner Twister ... I don't know ... many actual combinations could be dealt with. But I wonder how many others could not.

August 15. 2014
An endgame: The green-yellow and orange-yellow edges were swapped and the corners were in a 4-cycle. B 90° turned the swap into a 3-cycle, but, of course, one of the edges was the blue-red. So I had to move something that wasn't part of the 3-cycle into BD to replace it, do the 3-cycle, then move the blue-red back. A lot of edge-flipping was needed too, including the blue-red, so it got moved out, flipped, and moved back in again. When finally the edges were all solved, 5 corners needed permuted. Two quick Triple-EPS left me with all of them permuted, and 2 needing to twist anti and 8 clock. I used an EPS to swap them, then did the 2 clock 8 anti twister, then undid the setup move. Done.

Another endgame: Similar situation with edges, but this time I tried to make fewer trips in and out of BD, doing the cycle and flip during one trip. When all the edges were solved, corners 3 and 8 needed to swap, and corners 6 and 7 needed to swap. A Sune, Triple-EPS, Antisune permuted them, leaving 6 needing a clockwise twist and 8 an anti twist. I twisted them, but the wrong way, so did it again, but messed up somewhere—I think on the UR EPS. After re-solving the edges, it needed a 26 37 double swap. Several Triple-EPS later the corners were permuted and 3 needed to twist clock and 6 anti. I set them up with a swap, did the 36 twister, and undid the setup.

In both of the solves above, getting to the endgame required moving the red-blue piece back home without a simple B 90° move, as that would put it back into a single swap of edges scene. I used R Ui Li B L U Ri to move it out. But is there any reason I couldn't use Ui L2 D L2 U instead?

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