Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bandage Cube Kit—Detiled Corners Only Fuse-3

Progress on the Bandage Kit has been coming along nicely. I hit a road bump though with the Detiled Corners Only Fuse-3. I could get close but not quite get it. One time it was a single swap of corners that had me befuddled. Another time it was a 3-cycle, of all things. And then it was a 4-cycle. All I really knew how to do was a double-swap of corners.

It was time for some serious analysis and note-taking. Although some puzzlers do not enjoy this approach, for me it is quite enjoyable and satisfying. Although most of the Bandage Cubes so far haven't required this rigor, the Detiled Fuse-3 did.

Here is a picture showing a couple relaxed puzzlers with the Bandage Cube in the background.

And here is a picture showing some of my notes, the Detiled Fuse-3, not so detiled, but with only one edge tiled that was blank in the fully detiled one. Also featured are the guys we made with some of the leftover pieces.

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