Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Skewb Family

My Skewb Family puzzles consist of the Skewb, the Jing's Pyraminx, and the Skewb Ultimate. Tonight I finally came to see that I really can solve the Jing's Pyraminx and the Skewb Ultimate using the algorithms and strategy I developed with the Skewb back when I first had it. Things clicked. Over the years I've fiddled with alternate strategies and algorithms, some of which have certain advantages, but the ones that work best for me are the ones I came up with originally when first figuring out the Skewb.

Although it could be argued that the Crazy Tetrahedrons should be included in the Skewb Family, I do not consider them so. Why? Because there is nothing about solving them that is anything like how I like to solve the Skewb.

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