Monday, November 26, 2012

CubeTwist All-in-One Bandage Kit—3 Bar Clock

3 Bar Clock

3 Bar
3 Bar was so simple that I guess I didn't even write about it. Just went on to 3 Bar Clock. To this point in the Bandage Kit adventure some form of Corners First has worked well with most of them. Maybe all of them. Even 3 Bar. But not 3 Bar Clock. I had to use the 3x3x2 Corner Piece Series to get the corners. But after getting the corners, then what?!? The middle layer was easy enough but I had to 3-cycle the last 3 edges on top and didn't see how to do that. Well, the answer was obvious. Solve it just like a 3x3x2. Edges first. Then corners. It is a bit more complex because of the 1x2 tile I held on top. But it worked.