Monday, November 19, 2012

CubeTwist All-in-One Bandage Kit—3-slices

Before making the kit, CubeTwist mass produced a small variety of bandage cubes. One was called 3-slices. Included here is the picture of it from the hknowstore.

It was quite a bit more challenging for me than the 1x1x3 column, but still relatively simple in the whole bandage cube scheme of things. Once I quit trying to solve it starting with the white layer and started with the red layer, it was much easier.

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  1. This one is the easiest one yet for me this go-round in June of 2014. Reminds me of the way I do the F2L part of the Petrus method, except that I have started to solve the bottom part instead of the top to see if it is more like a normal F2L solve.