Friday, July 14, 2017

I Want to Scream! But I didn't.

R' D B L - U F R D - B' D2 F R - D R U B - R U' L' D'
swap corners O and R, and U and W with the triple-Move.
then twist A, B, and C clock before putting W and R back.
3-cycle L'U' D'
twist A anti D clock

This scramble was quite an adventure. Having previously experimented with a new system that used commutators, working through various memory methods I came up with, and finally deciding it was better to use the tedious method because it was easier to memorize and easier to follow once I closed my eyes, I worked out the moves for this scramble. But then as I started memorizing the corners I realized that there were two pairs of corners that needed to swap, one already permuted, and one 3-cycle. I experimented with a solved cube to make sure I knew what would happen with the 3-cycle and finally came up with the solution above.

I solved the corners and checked to see that it worked. It did. Then I solved the edges little by little with my eyes closed. Got it. Then I tried the whole thing eyes closed and failed. I wanted to scream! 

Putting the scramble on three cubes I was determined to get it. I went very slowly on the first couple making sure I didn't make any accidental twists. Then I tried to speed it up somewhat on the carbon fiber cube. Nailed it. I'm ready for a new scramble.